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We specialize in providing quality consulting solutions to the business community. We offer comprehensive internal audit, fraud examination, business consultation, computer software training and special projects strategies and guidance.

Internal Audit

We offer sound, expert audit advice on a variety of risks businesses are likely to encounter. The broad range of services include risk management, analyses and assessments of data and business processes; effectiveness and efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial reporting, deterring and investigating fraud, safeguarding assets, and compliance with entity's policies and procedures as well as laws and regulations.  We have a wide variety of business fields of specialty including health care, not for profit, local government, banking, construction, lawn care and landscaping and customer service. Contact us today to see what we can provide YOUR business!

Fraud Examination

From inception to disposition, we have the skills necessary to resolve allegations of fraud. Steps are taken to obtain evidence, take statements and write reports; to testify to findings; and to assist in the detection and prevention of fraud. The specialized knowledge in accounting and auditing, investigation, law, and criminology necessary for fraud research is RIGHT HERE!

Business Consultation

We provide valuable guidance for new business start-ups and consultation services for our clients' business operations through every stage of a company's growth.  Are you having difficulty turning a profit, do not know IF you are turning a profit or how to turn a profit?  We can help you get on track and stay on track by gaining efficiencies together.  Let us be YOUR business "partner"! 

Computer Software Training

We offer non-threatening, patient and non-judgmental computer software training with various program levels for Microsoft Windows XP and 7, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access, Quickbooks, and Quicken.  We customize training programs based on individual situations upon request.  One-on-one training is provided at your location or an established public designated location.  Watch for on-going special prices and discounts and purchase your session TODAY!        

Special Projects

We are virtually unlimited in the arena of special projects we complete for our clients!  This is only inhibited by our commitment to sound ethical practices including independence and objectivity.  Our special project services include:

  • Not for Profit Tax Return Preparation - a R.E.A.L. professional solution to 990 return preparation at an affordable price.  No charge estimate provided within days based upon prior year return!

  • Business Start-Up - assistance with business start up activities including tax requirements, banking relationships, bookkeeping, business plans, job descriptions, policies and procedures, risk and controls, and countless other tasks required for a sustainable future!  

  • Account Setup and Maintenance - whether you decide on manual or electronic and program or spreadsheets for your accounting needs, we have done it all!  Assistance with setting up your chart of accounts, financial statements, organizing your bookkeeping needs, and on-going consultative support IS a priority in ALL businesses!  Make sure your accounting structure is efficient and effective for your growing and changing needs! 

  • Research and Reconciliation - after seeing, and completing, countless financial and non-financial reconciliation "nightmares", NOW is the time to address those discrepancies!  Many clients just do not have "time" and decide it is not that important UNTIL they NEED the information for an outside source.  Let A R.E.A.L. Professional Solution solve the mystery for you and get those non-financial or financial records back on track!  Are you in need of those records for an outside source NOW.....call today!

  • Temporary Accounting Services: If you have a short term need for accounting services, we offer excellent temporary accounting services that can help you. Temporary accounting is perfect for businesses that may be a little short-staffed and need accounting help during any busy time of the year. The next time you have a need for temporary accounting services, contact us!

Contact our office today to learn more and get started.

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